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Information Management
Terranext provides information management services on all our projects. We can provide Database preparation using MS® Access or other software application for large data intensive projects. We also use less complex spreadsheet systems using MS® Excel or Lotus®. Terranext commonly uses the internet to post reports for our clients to download and review. We also convert documents into Adobe Acrobat format and provide soft copies on CD or through email or on our website. Terranext has used information management software to assist in a number of different types of project including:

Terranext can assist industry and governmental clients by performing Information Management Studies including:
  • Development of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems using an MS® Access Database.
  • Development of a Groundwater Concentration Calculator used to alert users of an MCL exceedance using MS® Excel spread sheets.
  • Terranext can utilize our proprietary data management and computer modeling software (PM-Diamond®) to manage data and prepare ground water contour and contaminant isoconcentration maps. PM-Diamond® quickly extracts data generated over several months to years at various sites to aid in efficient data analysis and can easily incorporate GIS coordinate systems to provide a regional perspective of the site. This software can be used to conduct contaminant fate and transport modeling at complex CERCLA sites and is much more efficient at evaluating concentration trends and the extent and magnitude of contaminant plumes.
  • Another Terranext-registered software asset is PM-Target®. This program facilitates the prediction of the affect of a remedial application to site conditions over time. For example, PM-Target® can be used to evaluate the impact of a public water supply well on nearby contaminant plumes or releases to ground water. The program can also be used to model the predicted time of impact upon the cone of influence of a pumping well and calculate probable contaminant concentrations in the well. There are almost unlimited applications for PM-Diamond® and PM-Target® in providing technical support to clients.

Information Management
Wastewater Spray Irrigation Site
Solid Waste Landfill Site
SP Newsprint
Dublin, Georgia

Terranext was responsible for a soil & groundwater study to compare loading limitations for various inorganic compounds and metals on soils at the wastewater spray irrigation site. Wastewater is pretreated at the mill and then piped to a location 3 miles from the facility. Determined loading had been exceeded for several compounds by volume of material applied. However, loading limitations were not supported by actual analytical results. We recommended SP seek permission to continue application and we recommended changing the soil and groundwater sampling protocol. The analysis used MS Excel Time Series plots. Project involved development of a spreadsheet-based Calculator for use by SP.

Terranext was also responsible for a groundwater study to compare compliance well and surface water results with background well results for metals and inorganic parameters. Analysis used the EPA statistical software package GRITS/STATv.5.0 and MS Excel Time Series plots. Project also involved development of a spreadsheet-based Calculator for use by SP.

Information Management
Tate & Lyle Sucralose, Inc.
Regulatory Compliance Database
McIntosh, Alabama

Terranext constructed a MS Access Regulatory Compliance Database which provided users a list of all environmental requirements for the facility and included a description of what is required to maintain facility compliance. The system was capable of being sorted by individual compliance media, including air, solid and hazardous waste, water and wastewater.

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