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Cultural and Natural Resource Conservation

Natural Resource Conservation is a prerequisite to sustainable development in the United States. Ecological and Cultural services provided by Terranext include working with both government and commercial interests in satisfying the environmental and cultural requirements of federal, state and local licensing and permitting. Whether performing baseline inventories, long-term monitoring, historical or archaeological surveys, habitat evaluations, wetland determinations or preparing the necessary impact documents, Terranext utilizes a practical approach involving careful problem definition and focused, technically accurate work performance.

We have a professional staff of ecologists, wildlife biologists, historians, archaeologists, and environmental scientists which are trained to provide rapid and accurate ecological and cultural surveys in support of NEPA and Natural Resource Conservation projects. We can provide the following surveys:

  • Wetlands Delineations,
  • Archaeological Surveys,
  • Historical Architectural Surveys,
  • Terrestrial Ecology Surveys
  • Aquatic Ecology Surveys
  • Water Quality Studies
  • Noise Studies
  • Endangered Species and Habitat Surveys,
  • Environmental Assessments (EA), and
  • Environmental Impact Studies (EIS).


Wetlands Delineation
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
Goldboro, NC
Seymour John AFB is home to the Fourth Air Wing which operates F-15 Eagle fighters and support craft. Terranext performed a wetlands survey and delineation around the northern and southern ends of the runway for this Air Force Base in North Carolina. The delineation is suitable for Certification by the Army Corps of Engineers. Project value was $6,000.

Cultural Resource Assessment
Ironwood Development
Victory Crossing Housing

Columbus, Georgia

Terranext was contracted by Ironwood Development to perform a Phase I Cultural Resource Survey for a proposed building construction site in Columbus, Georgia. The construction project will include federal funding through HUD. A pedestrian and vehicular reconnaissance survey of the proposed expansion area was performed to examine the existence of cultural resources, including archaeological sites, historic structures and cemeteries. The survey was conducted in compliance with Georgia Historical Preservation Division (HPD) guidelines. The survey was approved by Georgia HPD and HUD. Project value was $5,000.

Endangered Species Habitat Survey-Bald Eagle
Wireless Network Group
Smithville, Mississippi

Terranext performed a bald eagle habitat survey for this proposed new build, 350-foot guyed-wire, cellular tower project in Smithville, Mississippi. The survey was requested by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. A pedestrian survey was conducted by a Terranext Wildlife Biologist in which the "line of sight" technique was used to determine if any of the proposed tower construction activities including the access road, guyed wires, or main tower would affect existing eagle nests. Treescreens were mapped and included in a summary report which concluded that eagle nesting would not be affected by the project. Project value was $1,200.

NEPA Studies
Cellular Tower Buildout Project

Terranext is currently performing a major environmental assessment project across eight states for Cingular Wireless. NEPA related studies include NEPA checklists, Archaeological and Architectural Surveys, Biological Assessments, Wetlands Delineations, and consultation with State Historic Preservation Offices, Historical Societies, Tribal Historic Preservation Offices, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Nearly 300 cell tower sites will be completed in 8 months. Terranext is responsible for all field work and reporting. Additional services include balloon tests, crane tests, and photo-simulations. Project value is approximately $100,000.

Endangered Species Habitat Survey

Dalea Foliosa
Wireless Network Group
Smithville, Mississippi

Terranext performed four surveys for the Leafy Prairie Clover, Dalea Foliosa, for four proposed new build cellular tower projects in Alabama. The survey was requested by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. A pedestrian survey was conducted by a subconsultant botanist. The surveys were conducted to determine if the proposed tower construction activities including the access road or tower would affect this endangered form of Clover. The survey concentrated on determining the native biome at the proposed construction sites. Dalea Foliosa favors a Dolomitic Prairie biome. No appropriate habitat was found at the sites. Summary reports were prepared and submitted to U.S. Fish and Wildlife for review and comment.
Project value was $4,800.

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